Thursday, March 16, 2017

One Pound Down Per Day Challenge

My sweetie and I are moving in together next month. I had put on a little weight from the holidays and just generally being "fat and happy" in this relationship, so on Sunday I gave myself a goal to lose 20 pounds by move-in date.

That worked out to be approximately a pound a day, and so the #1lbDownPerDay challenge was born. It's easier than you think... All I've had to do is go back to what I know is right:

  • No miscombinations allowed (not even slight ones!)
  • Eating 4:1 or as close as I can (4 servings fruit/veg for every 1 serving protein/carbs)
  • Chewing any carbs to almost liquid before swallowing (still difficult!)
  • Eating a wide variety of colorful fruits and veggies (especially raw as much as possible)

Today is Thursday and I'm down 4 pounds since Sunday, so right on track! 🙌😁 Also my arms are firming up and feeling more toned already 💪 WOOHOO!!

And I've gotten to enjoy good food that makes my body feel HAPPY, like fruit and yogurt smoothies

homemade vegetable broth (veggie scraps simmered and strained) with extra veggies added

as base for delicious super-sized soup meals with chicken or ravioli (and sour cream and bacon!)

and fantastic meals like brunch and steak dinner with homemade tomato bisque and rutabaga sides

not to mention decadent brownies for dessert

And you thought Regenerative Eating was a diet... 😆😅😆😅😆

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Your body will thank you! 💗

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